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Could Universal Credit help improve the lives of homeless people in Brighton and Hove?

Could Universal Credit help improve the lives of homeless people in Brighton and Hove?

Could Universal Credit help improve the lives of homeless people in Brighton and Hove?

Wednesday, September 19, 2018


3pm - 5pm

One Church, Gloucester Place, Brighton

For September’s Frontline Network Meetup, we’re teaming up with the Department for Work and Pensions to ask ourselves Could Universal Credit improve the lives of homeless people in Brighton & Hove?

The event will see frontline workers and DWP representatives side by side sharing their current struggles with and future aspirations for Universal Credit in our city.

The main body of the event will be dedicated to facilitated, generative discussion in smaller groups. Our DWP friends are under strict instructions to be in listening mode which is particularly important as a mini report will be produced containing your insights and ideas - everyone attending will be emailed a copy of the mini report once it’s completed.

In addition to the main discussion time, there will also be time for a short spotlight where the DWP will give a mini presentation on a particular aspect of Universal Credit that affects homeless people. Do you have any ideas you would like them to cover? If so, please let us know through this form by Wednesday 5th September!

As per usual, there will be time for incredible barista coffee by Bloom, delicious snacks and the famous raffle!

Please register for the event here. 


Attending will be at least three friends from the local DWP team.

Here's a bit about them:

Mischa Harrison - Partnership Manager Brighton & Hove
Hi, My name is Mischa Harrison and I am the Partnership Manager for Brighton & Hove Jobcentres. The role is extremely interesting and I enjoy working with stakeholders developing joined up services that help and support the most disadvantaged claimants in our city. I have worked for DWP for 12 years and have carried out most front line roles within Jobcentres

Serena Cheung - Jobcentre Services Manager Brighton
My name is Serena Cheung, I am currently working as the JCSM (Jobcentre Customer Service Manager) at Brighton Jobcentre. I have worked here for 20 years in most roles including partnership. I am enjoying my current role, applying the message actively that we put the customer at the heart of everything we do. I have a strong focus on ensuring we are able to support our most vulnerable customers and working closely with partners in the city we are improving this service every day. I manage the Service Delivery Team and we have made many changes following feedback from customers to improve the customer experience, there is always room for improvement and I look forward to continuing this journey.

Piers Harrison - Work Coach Team Leader Brighton
My name is Piers Harrison and I have worked for the DWP for a year, before this I was a retail Manager working for Sainsburys! I started as a work coach and quickly moved to the role of Service Innovation lead working with the most complex and diverse cases within the office. I am now working with up to 45 work coaches delivering Universal Credit to the whole of Brighton and Hove in collaboration with my partnership manager and other peers. My main aim is assuring every customer has a positive journey from the point of signing up to UC to receiving their payments in full and on time each and every time. I am looking at effective two way working with all the provision available and in conjunction with our service centre to me to help me achieve this goal.


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