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Annual Frontline Worker Survey

Annual Frontline Worker Survey

Annual Frontline Worker Survey

Every year St Martin-in-the-Fields Charity undertakes a survey of frontline staff across the UK who support people experiencing homelessness.

Listening to lived and frontline experience is crucial to addressing homelessness. As we face significant challenges such as the cost of living crisis, it is important that these insights are heard and can help shape future policy and practice.

We publish our Frontline Worker Survey findings and present them to decision makers. This includes submitting survey data in response to government consultations and calls for evidence related to homelessness. We also use the findings to inform our own Frontline Network activities, including our training offer and the theme and design of our annual conference.

Read more about how we amplify insights from frontline staff.

Latest Frontline Worker Survey Results 

1,182 frontline workers from across the United Kingdom took part in the latest Frontline Worker Survey over a three-week period in November - December 2022.

We have published a series of reports to explore the findings.  

1. Early Findings (December 2022)

Initial data from the survey shows the increasing demand frontline services are facing, the significant issues accessing accommodation for people facing homelessness, and the impact of the rising cost of living on frontline workers themselves. 

2. Experiences of frontline homelessness work (March 2023) 

Our report exploring staff working conditions, training and professional development, wellbeing and job retention.

3. Frontline challenges and solutions to addressing homelessness (March 2023)

Our report on the barriers frontline workers are facing in supporting people experiencing homelessness – and how these can be overcome.

4. Appendices (March 2023)

An outline of our survey methodology, information about the frontline workers who participated in the survey, and a list of survey questions. 

Watch our survey findings launch event:

In March 2023 we hosted an online event to present the survey’s key findings and reflect on the action needed so that everyone has a safe place to call home. We were fortunate to be joined by a fantastic panel of colleagues from the sector who shared their insights. You can find a recording of the event below. 

Get involved:

We call on decision makers to review the learning shared via the Frontline Worker Survey and respond to insights from frontline and lived experiences of homelessness. Please get in touch to discuss these findings and how they can be taken forward further: frontline@stmartinscharity.org.uk.

If you are a frontline worker - thank you for taking the time to share your expertise and experiences. We offer funding, community and resources to support you in your work - sign up to our e-newsletter to stay in touch and hear updates from the Network!


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