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Scottish Frontline Network

Scottish Frontline Network

Scottish Frontline Network

Cyrenians run the Scottish Frontline Network, which offers support to frontline workers who work with people experiencing homelessness across Scotland.

The Scottish Frontline Network facilitates quarterly events, which provide a regular opportunity to bring together frontline workers in Scotland to network, share expertise, and experience, and link to decision makers.

Please sign up here if you would like to be kept up to date with our work and invited to our events. You can also get in touch with the Network via ScottishFrontlineNetwork@cyrenians.scot


Uncovering Hidden Homelessness - 25th May 2022

Uncovering Hidden Homelessness

This event explores hidden homelessness among older adults, disabled people and members of the Armed Forces community.

Are you a frontline worker who support people experiencing or at risk of homelessness? Do you want to learn more about how to best support older adults, disabled people and members of the Armed Forces community? Then join our online networking event with Housing Options Scotland!

Let's Talk About Prevention Consultation Event - 3rd March 2022

Let's Talk About Prevention - Consultation Event

The Scottish Frontline Network and Crisis invite you to share your views on new proposed duties to prevent homelessness. Join us at this consultation event to learn more about the proposed legislation and discuss the potential impact on your role and the people you work with.

Connecting The Borders - 7th December 2021

Scottish Frontline Network: Connecting The Borders

Are you a frontline worker who support people experiencing homelessness? And are you based in the Scottish Borders? Then join our online networking event and connect with other colleagues in the area!

The event will introduce existing services and explore ways of working together across a geographically disperse area. The event will include presentations from different organisations and services with opportunities to ask questions.

Drugs Trends Training: Street Benzos - 13th May 2021

Drugs Trends Training: Street Benzos

In summer 2021 the Scottish Frontline Network hosted a drugs trend training session, in partnership with Crew. This 1.5-hour digital course was designed to expand worker knowledge and confidence of new drug trends, particularly the use of street benzos.

The free training event was aimed at frontline workers supporting those experiencing or at risk of homelessness. During the training Crew shared current and credible information on drug use, introduced benzodiazepines and some of the other most commonly used drugs by people experiencing homelessness. 

Ending Homelessness Together Event - 31st March 2021

Ending Homelessness Together Event

This event was an opportunity to influence policy and strategy in Scotland. Hosted in partnership with All in for Change it brought together frontline workers to explore and discuss the recommendations of the Scottish Government’s & COSLA Ending Homelessness Together plan.

Specifically, it focused on one of the All in for Change’s New Directions:

At Home: The belief that to end homelessness in Scotland we need to deliver on everyone’s right to settled, good quality, mainstream housing as quickly as possible.

'Ending Homelessness Together Plan' - Consultation Workshop - 3rd September 2019

This September, a consultation workshop took place in Glasgow to hear the views of those with lived and frontline experience, on the Scottish Government's 'Ending Homelessness Together Plan’.

Please read the consultation workshop's report here.

The Scottish Government has agreed to fund the new End Homelessness Change team. The core purpose is to put the voice of Lived Experience and Frontline staff at the heart of designing services which make up the Plan to End Homelessness.

It was great to see that sixty people attended this workshop to discuss: what the ‘New Direction’ of the 'Ending Homelessness Together Plan’ looks like; and how a ‘Change Team’ is created to deliver this programme.

Ending Homelessness Together: ‘New Direction’

The ‘New Direction’ of the 'Ending Homelessness Together Plan’ was described at the workshop as follows:

  • A new duty to prevent homelessness — and clearer paths for those most at risk
  • Joined up working – less silos in services that don’t put people first
  • Preventing people having to repeat their story
  • Universal legal rights in relation to local connection and intentionality
  • New standards and time limits in temporary accommodation.

Ending Homelessness Together: Change Team

The workshop also came together to describe how a ‘Change Team’ would be comprised to deliver the 'Ending Homelessness Together Plan':

  • Balanced in terms of frontline and lived experience.
  • Diverse in geography, knowledge, skills and specialisms
  • Connected to evidence of what works.

Ending Homelessness Together: Change Lead

Within this team, the workshop also looked at how a Change Team would be driven by a ‘Change Lead’.

It was proposed that a 'Change Lead' should have the following attributes:

  • Passionate and motivated to create change
  • Working from a strong value base
  • Good knowledge of the of the plan to end homelessness in Scotland
  • The ability to translate complex messages in a simple, straightforward way; excellent listening skills
  • The ability to facilitate [potentially] challenging conversations in a positive way
  • Strong local networks to engage with and feed back to.

The Common Ground Steering Group - 27th November 2018

Finding a Common Ground - 27th November 2018

The 'Common Ground' Steering Group has been meeting for the last 3 months to deliver a Peer Lead Homelessness Advocacy Network, and as a result of this they have produced a strategic plan for the next year.


This strategic plan outlines the services they aim to deliver, and the specific requirements for those services, and the whole group, to function.


With £10,000 of initial funding secured from St Martins in the Field the group has almost everything in place that it needs to go forward, and support others to create change in their own lives.

Preparing and Caring for Staff Working in Health and Homelessness - 2017

Preparing and Caring for Staff Working in Health and Homelessness - 2017

Cyrenians hosted our event in partnership with St Martins in the Field and Faculty of Health and Homelessness looking at Preparing and Caring for Staff
Working in Health and Homelessness.

The event aimed to unpack the long term impact of health, wellbeing and resilience of frontline staff.

In particular, seeking to explore the role academia, employers and peers can have in preparing and caring for people in ‘tough’ jobs and compassion fatigue.


Calls from the Frontline to end homelessness in Scotland

Calls from the Frontline to end homelessness in Scotland

Frontline workers have a unique insight into what works and what doesn’t to tackle homelessness. So, it is important we hear those voices to share good practice and build positive solutions through their expertise. 

The Scottish Government’s Homelessness Rough Sleeping Action Group (HRSAG) recognised that too. Through their collaboration with people with lived experience, they kept hearing that the impact frontline workers have on people’s day, optimism and confidence is huge.

This report presents the knowledge and ideas gathered from 75 frontline workers from across Scotland, while attending two networking events in Glasgow and Edinburgh during April 2018.

Read the report here.

'Ending Homelessness Together Plan'

Ending Homelessness Together Report

The “Ending Homelessness Together: High Level Action Plan” (2018) includes a plan to develop a wide-reaching prevention duty as a legal backstop for those experiencing homelessness.

The High-Level Action Plan also aims to revise legislative arrangements on local connection and intentionality. It is premised that these changes will remove arbitrary barriers, making it easier to act early in preventing homelessness.

Within the latest Frontline Worker 2018 Report, it was identified that Frontline workers in Scotland found it slightly easier than other areas of the UK to prevent homelessness at 64% compared with Wales (73%) and Northern Ireland (89%) where it was seen as harder to prevent homelessness.

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