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Frontline Network Annual Conference 2023

Frontline Network Annual Conference 2023

Frontline Network Annual Conference 2023

9 sessions, 27 speakers, and nearly 350 attendees across all four nations.

Thank you to everyone who took part in our Frontline Network Annual Conference 2023!

Conference attendees felt  ‘Inspired and more passionate about my work.’ 

‘Empowered to move forward with good practice whilst using the tools given at the conference.’ 

"Like frontline workers have more resources and support than I realised. Also, learned that there are avenues to let decision makers know the reality of the job and our clients experiences."

Our 2023 Conference in June last year continued our focus on ‘Working Together’ and  ‘Strength in Community’. We hosted a range of amazing speakers who highlighted the interesting and creative ways they are navigating challenges and overcoming barriers in their work. Session themes drew on insights raised by 1,182 frontline staff across the UK in our recent Frontline Worker Survey. Our event provided opportunities to hear about UK-wide approaches; to support learning and develop networks. 

I took away... "‘Practical solutions for both my own practice and to support my team. Really appreciated the reflective and systemic understanding." (2023 attendee)

On this page you can find a round up of the day, including recordings of each session and a copy of slides and other resources that were shared. 

If you aren't already then please sign up for our e-news. It's free for frontline staff who support people experiencing homelessness. You can find out about further resources, funding and being part of a growing community of frontline workers.

If you have been inspired by our conference speakers and would like to find out more, please see the links in their presentations. If you are keen to access training on any of the areas we have covered in the conference, but budget is a barrier, you can apply to our Training Fund for up to £500 for individual training and up to £1000 for group training.

Frontline Network Annual Conference 2023

Opening plenary given by Viki Fox, followed by panel discussion and Q&A by Katie Dalton, Viki Fox, Mark Baillie and Jeremy White.

A discussion on immigration and homelessness by Bethan Lant, Tom MacPherson, Eiri Ohtani and Caroline Higgins.

A bite-sized policy update on key changes across the four nations. A talk by Jennie Bibbings, Stephen Morrison, Rhiannon Simms and Dr Beth Watts-Cobbe.

A talk by Ozgur Gencalp, Lucy Holmes, Caoimhe McCullough, Jo Prestidge and Tess Tainton on the issue of health, housing and homelessness.

A talk by Claire Donovan, Christa Maciver and Zoe Titchener on accessing support and resources for people living in temporary accommodation.

A roundtable discussion on Frontline Worker wellbeing with Dr Brett Gellier, Rachel Marshall, Oliver Townsend and Kate Standing.

A talk by Natalie Isaia (Clinical Psychologist and Head Of Training, Brett Geller Psychology Services).

A talk by Duncan Gordon from Scottish Centre for Conflict Resolution about what resilience means to us and how we maintain it by looking after our wellbeing.