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Pan-London Migrant Frontline Network

Pan-London Migrant Frontline Network

Pan-London Migrant Frontline Network

The Pan-London Migrant Frontline Network has been facilitated by Praxis since 2016.

The Network offers support to frontline staff who work with people experiencing homelessness in London related to immigration status. The Pan-London Migrant Frontline Network facilitates quarterly events, which provide a regular opportunity to bring together frontline workers in London to network, share expertise, and experience, and link to decision makers.

Following the deadline for registration on the EU Settlement Scheme on 30 June 2021, the Network brought together staff to discuss what next for EU migrants experiencing homelessness. This event featured speakers from Workers Rights Centre and Thames Reach to discuss concerns and possible solutions. Over the last year the Network has also reviewed the Nationality & Borders Bill, hosting an event where frontline workers could discuss the implications for homelessness and how to mitigate these where needed.

“In this perfect storm, it is more important than ever that everyone who needs access to a safety net has it, regardless of the fine print on their visa.” - Bethan Lant, Network facilitator

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Advice for frontline staff in England supporting migrant people experiencing homelessness

Praxis in partnerships with Homeless Link has created a Slack network for staff working with migrants experiencing homelessness in England.

  • The network includes a channel where frontline workers can request advice on any immigration related cases they are working on and receive a response from a qualified adviser within 48 hours.
  • The network also enables people to share useful resources and trainings.

You can join the network by using this invitation link here.

if you are based in London, you may also be interested in the London Homelessness and Migrant Sectors Training Programme delivered in partnerships with Praxis and Homeless link- see here.

You can also refer to helpful session recordings and information from their 'ending migrant homelessness for good conference' on 16th November 2022 here.