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Activities and Resources
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  • Activities and Resources



    The aim for the Activities and Resources program, is to help give the individuals residing on the project, a wider choice of opportunity, to learn and develop new skills, which can be utilised during their time here, and best prepare them for the future.


    It would help to build positive relationships between staff, volunteers and residents alike.


    It would reintroduce structure, stability and some meaningful use of time back into the individual's life.


    And most importantly, it would help boost and improve the individual's overall sense of wellbeing, help to raise their confidence, improve their socialising skills, and also help them to gain a sense of achievement and better their self-worth.





    A large and secure container for safekeeping of the items below:


    Purchase of 4 hybrid/mountain Bikes. Protective headwear and suitable tools for carrying out repairs. Individuals within the project would be able to participate in cycle rides supervised by staff, individuals will help plan the journey with support staff and carry out risk assessments etc. Our aim will be to fund training on how to maintain and rebuild bikes and to utilise the skills of the individuals within the project.


    Purchase tools and materials for joinery, to enable residents to build raised flower beds, planters etc, and learn how to maintain their property.  We would utilise volunteers to work with the individuals.


    Purchase photographic equipment to enable individuals to take part in supervised wildlife/nature outings and be able to use/edit & print the pictures for display boards within the project, and also as personal cards, calendars etc.


    Purchase canvas paint boards, brushes and paint, for the budding artists within the project.


    Purchase 2 sewing machines, material, threads etc. to teach individuals to sew, and make their own curtains/ cushions and home wares, and also learn how to carry out alterations etc. 


    Purchase gardening equipment, plants and materials to grow vegetables etc. within the project. This produce could be used within the project, as part of communal meals and cookery classes.


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